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September 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 17                                                                                                                                Scottsdale, Arizona

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Keith Shutta

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Jeremy McMillan

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Amanda Taylor

Guy Sporbert
Scotch Ambassador

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Chef Roberto

Madrid's Kitchen!

The Wine of Araby
Certified Cicerone
Ron Kloth
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Province Urban
  Kitchen & Bar

 Certified Wine Educator Gary Spadafore:
 Red Blends Rising

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deseo Nuevo Latino Cuisine, Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, AZ
Before the supper shutterbugs’ fall from grace, dinner at deseo always included a flurry of flashes from diners’ tables. Waiters smiled as they sailed across the room with full-ribbed Tomahawk steaks and delivered desserts in the shape of a cigar—band and all. And that bread, Pan de Bono, kept everyone talking about it, if not noshing on it, through the meal. Back then, diners wanted something that looked sensational and tasted as good. These days, deseo’s chef, Roberto Madrid, said diners still want the same. But they also want to know: Where does the food come from? Is it sourced responsibly? And does it taste good? As usual, Madrid comes through. But that’s as far as he goes when it comes to catering to the crowd. Okay, he still serves the Pan de Bono, and repeat diners will recognize several menu items. But Madrid does not necessarily follow the latest trends. Instead, he creates them. He’s got a knack for things that are neat, as in things that will get his diners’ attention. And that’s part of the restaurant’s cachet.