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Michelin 3 Star/Maître Cuisinier de France
                                  I was born in this profession. I loved it from the
September 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 17                           first time I was able to understand it.



Executive Sous-Chef
Jesse Hansen

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Chef Steve Stevick

Foraging for Lobster Mushrooms with Chef David Schmidt
September 2014
Chef's Larder

Mint (Mentha sp.)

The Green Teen Cookbook Review

District American Kitchen
Restaurant Review

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Synopsis: Executive Chef Xavier Salomon, Maître Cuisinier de France, Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California

Every cook dreams to work with the best. Xavier Salomon grew up in one of the best’s kitchen. Salomon’s father, now retired, owned Restaurant Salomon, a Michelin starred restaurant in Aix les Bains, Savoie, France. His grandfather and uncle were chefs and received the French Master award. He cheffed under Jo Rostang in the late chef’s Michelin three-star La Bonne Auberge in Antibes. Then his father suggested he work with a friend for a few months in the Dallas, Texas Registry Hotel. In America, he wondered “a couple times” if he should go back to France. “I’ll tell you what changed my mind is when I started working for Ritz Carlton.  It’s the first company I worked for where the chef in the hotel is considered important. In most hotel chains the executive chef is not part of the executive committee. At Ritz Carlton, we still are. They listen.”