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Phoenix, Arizona


Town & Country Farmers Market (20th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ) takes place every Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM. The market features fresh produce from McClendon's Select and Pinnacle Farms, chocolate, Alaskan seafood, honey, microgreens, grass-fed beef, pickled products, bread, tamales, peppers, juices, natural products, and handmade items.

Insider's tip: The McClendon's Select display opens for business at 8:30 AM. Go early for the best picks.

FOODIES WEST met Chef Roy Pell (Phoenician Resort's Executive Pastry Chef) and his daughter, Savannah, at the Town & Country Farmers Market. Savannah mission: to  pick out produce* from McClendon's Select and bring it to the Phoenician Resort's kitchen and Iron Chef Lee Hilson. Hillson created several dishes with the produce in this month's TEST KITCHEN.

See what she selected . . .

* All produce was provided by McClendon's Select

“Try one of these,” a clerk at McClendon’s Select display says as he hands Savannah a sugar snap pea. “They’re like candy.”

The pea immediately lands in Savannah's shopping cart because the Radishes and Round Carrots have caught her eye.



As she strolls down the table of produce, she comments that the Hakurei Turnips are cool (literally, as they are sweet and mild instead of hot) and, Ooooh, these are big, about the pound packs of Portabella Mushrooms. She and her dad stop to inspect a cluster of Oyster Mushrooms.

Lots of mushrooms around here. . .


It would be really easy to make a Rainbow Salad with this stuff!


Instead of the Purple Cauliflower (left), she goes for the fingerling potatoes, because they’re small. She decides on several different colors, including red and purple.

Then she chooses two different kinds of squash: spaghetti squash, because it’s fat, and butternut squash, because it has a handle.




This will be easy to make
Rainbow Salad with.

It’s all you’d need.

Instead of picking a bunch of the easy Rainbow Chard, Savannah goes for the hard stuff:

Brussels Sprouts

She’s never had one because her parents don’t like them. So she decides to try a few

I want three oranges . . .

one jalepeno pepper . . .

and a little piece of ginger.
This avocado must be ripe because it’s green.


Dad explains it has to be soft, too. She chooses a soft one and puts it in the basket.

Check out this American Red Pepper!


                    It has a face!

I’ve had radishes once before at
a friend's house. They were


Dad, look at these Round Carrots!

Did we mention she picked some
     Purple Carrots? (She likes the
     color purple.

She places the Radishes and Carrots in her basket, and grabs some Escarole . . .

This one’s cool. It’s like a big
flower of lettuce.


  . . . a few tomatoes . . .

I think that’s it!


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