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Recipes from China's Land of Ethnic Diversity:
by Annabel Jackson and Chef Linda Chia
February 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 4                                           Yunnan literally means "South of the Clouds."

Executive Chef
Richard Boyer

Executive Sous Chef 
Jose Salas

February 2015
Chef's Larder

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Michael West 
Certified Sommelier

The Flying V Bar & Grill



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Synopsis: The Yunnan Cookbook, Recipes from China's Land of Ethnic Diversity by Anabel Jackson and Chef Linda Chia
ISBN 978-988-16139-7-4 If China’s Yunnan province were a grape, British author Annabel Jackson would label it Chardonnay, “running from the dry minerality of Chablis to opulent Mersault to oaked Australian versions to a more simple expression in central Portugal.” In other words, this is one diverse country. The Yunnan province, surely “the most glorious,” Jackson notes, borders Tibet, Sichuan, Burma, Vietnam and Laos. Nature, here, is at its poetic and sansational best because of its incredible bio-diverse landscape, which includes Earth’s deepest gorges and highest mountains. Then there’s its huge cultural richness. Fifty-one of the 55 ethnic minorities that are found in China live in Yunnan province. And each ethnic minority has its own distinct cooking ingredients, spices, aromas and flavors. This presented a totally enticing opportunity to Jackson, who holds a masters in Anthropology of Food. In all, the book contains more than 100 recipes with high-quality images, that feature a range of eggs, meat, poultry, cheese, vegetables, seafood, street food and desserts. The Yunnan Cookbook doesn’t just dwell on food. Jackson culled her experiences while doing fieldwork in Yunnan and presents them to the reader in a way that gives cultural insights. She shares her stint at a cooking school in Dali, eating a village dinner just outside Lijiang, and the story of a Naxi owner of a Naxi restaurant.