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February 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 4                                                                                                                                                 Tucson, Arizona

Executive Chef
Richard Boyer

Executive Sous Chef 
Jose Salas

February 2015
Chef's Larder

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What would we do
without fennel?

The Yunnan Cookbook
by Annabel Jackson
& Chef Linda Chia

Michael West 
Certified Sommelier




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Synopsis:> Foodies West Restaurant Revues, February 2015 — The Flying V Bar & Grill, Tucson, Arizona - Some places just know how to capture the personality of the land in which they’re located. When that happens, guests can’t help but feel the harmony. Add some consistently good food, and the place becomes an area favorite, like the Flying V Bar & Grill. The Flying V has the laidback personality and emphasis on nature with which Tucson likes to equate itself. The first characteristic comes from manager, Rock Saul. His three-plus decades in hospitality make managing the front of the house look easy. The second comes by default since the restaurant is located on a gorgeous tract of land near what was once the Flying V Ranch at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With the Catalinas peering over the property’s shoulders, the patio shows a stunning panorama of the Tucson Basin. Executive Chef Ken Harvey runs a kaizen kitchen. Kaizen, meaning, consistent improvement every day.