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T.  Cook's
June 2014 Issue; Vol. 2, No. 12                                                                                                                                         Scottsdale, AZ


Chef Kevin Tanaka

Pastry Chef Winnona Herr

June 2014 Chef's Larder

Chef Aaron Geister

Mixologist Eddie Garcia

Mesquite: Why you need to
know your source

Sauces & Shapes by
Oretta Zanini De Vita &
Maureen B. Fant

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Synopsis: Foodies West - T. COOK’S – Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale, AZ; Restaurant Revue

The cuisine characterized as Mediterranean has become as celebrated as the area’s history and legends. It’s considered the kind of food that feeds the soul. Ambrosia, the food of the gods. So when a restaurant stakes its fame on a Mediterranean menu, it better have a lot of love and passion going on in the kitchen. But what happens when Bold meets Mediterranean? Sedona’s native son, Chef Paul McCabe, at the helm. McCabe, fresh from southern California, took T. Cook’s classic Mediterranean profile and mixed it with his well-described crafted, thoughtful and bold culinary style. Some might call it iconoclastic. cCabe and his inventive team go all over the Mediterranean map to gather flavors, and then they mix them up boldly, but thoughtfully. The resulting menu goes from items reflecting the nuance-dependent Roman kitchen to Andalusian richness with Middle Eastern moments. This is food without borders. Call it Global Mediterranean. It’s different, but it works.