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Director of Education & Certified Wine Educator 

Alliance Beverage Distributing Company
November 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 21                                                                                                                  The skivvy on sparklers.


Executive Sous Chef
Joshua Johnson

Janos Wilder shares the story behind Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails

Bakery Manager
Colorado State University
Pastry Chef David Couch

Michael Robb
Certified Sommelier

Spruce up your food.

Che-Ah-Chi 2015
Sedona, Arizona

East Side Sushi
Anthony Lucero gives the story behind his award-winning film.

Mona Gonzales
AJ's Fine Foods
What's Hot in Cheese

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Gary Spadafore, Director of Education, Certified Wine Educator, Alliance Beverage Distributing Company, Phoenix, Arizona
You can have Champagne before dinner. You can have Champagne with dinner. You can have Champagne after dinner. And you can have Champagne instead of dinner. That’s what Gary Spadafore tells his students when he teaches his class on Champagne and sparkling wines. Like, people need to get lessons on how to enjoy Champagne??? As Spadafore says, there are always exceptions. However, what Spadafore teaches comes under the description of history, fun facts, and insight into why some bubblies can break some people’s banks. One being that demand for Champagne has outpaced production. “And they can’t grow anymore,” Spadafore informed. “It’s just one little region.” Production costs just add to its exclusivity. What starts out as a regular ol’ bottle of wine gets turned into sparkling elegance by tiny pockets of carbon dioxide. “It’s a very, very difficult production to get the bubbles in the bottle,” Spadafore said. “When you’re producing Champagne, there is a second fermentation in the bottle, and that’s what makes the magic.”