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September 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 17                                                                                                                                       Red Blends Rising

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Gary Spadafore, Director of Education, Alliance Beverage Distributing Company, Phoenix, Arizona, Certified Wine Educator
Last year, what’s called the Typical Red Wine Blend did just over $900 million in sales. But these red blends have not always held sway on this side of the Atlantic. Gary Spadafore, Director of Education for Allied Beverage Distributing Company and board member of the Society of Wine Educators, explains. “In the United States, to call a wine from the grape, it must be a minimum of 75-percent from that grape. So if a bottle is labeled Cabernet Sauvignon, it must be at least 75-percent. What happens if the wine isn’t 75-percent from one grape? “Well then they can’t call it a varietal wine,” Spadafore continued, “and it gets relegated to Red Table Wine. In the past, that was considered a negative. Now the Red Table Wines, which are basically red blends, are the hottest wine category going. Spadafore finds this humorous because, he said, just about every wine constitutes a blend. “Now they’ve just figured out what to do with the grapes that everybody didn’t want 10 years ago,” Spadafore said. “So they’re making really cool blends.” Red Blends Featured: Bogle Phantom, Robert Craig Affinity, Trefethen Dragon's Tooth, DeLille D2, Carne Humana