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February 2016 Issue / Vol. 4, No. 3                                                                  Anything but run-of-the-mill.


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Sonoma Cider - Sonoma, CA | Hand Crafted | Certified Organic The first time Robert Cordtz “maybe” had “a little too much to drink,” he was nine years old, at his father’s wedding, drinking cider. His father, David Cordtz, made the first commercial cider in California at Ace Cider in Sebastopol. “He started making cider when I was 7 or 8 years old,” Cordtz said. “He was making cider for me growing up. So it’s been a big part of my life, growing up. Apples and cider.” His dad, a celebrated cidermaster/winemaker, did a lot of “fermentation things,” and his palate is unmatched. For a time, he made sparkling juices. Cordtz remembers the first time he created a sparkling juice his dad really liked. “I formulated the peach sparkling juice for the Sonoma Sparkler line,” Cordtz recalled. “He liked it enough to actually produce it.” Which totally impressed the 15-year-old Cordtz. It was the ultimate coolness to have his name on the bottle. “I’d go into the grocery store and show my friends my name on the back of the bottle,” Cordtz said. This was not Cordtz’s first time on a label. When he was 11-years old, he had visions of grandeur about starting a root beer company. “My dad always had beverage companies,” Cordtz explained. “I wanted one, too.” Cordtz got on the computer, and he designed a label for The California Root Beer Company. It had a drawing of what he described as “a cheesy little blonde dude holding a surf board.” Some 10 years later, Cordtz and his dad started to consolidate their talents and created homebrewed craft apple cider. When they noticed hard cider becoming popular, they decided to get back into making a commercial line in 2013. Only theirs was different than the rest.