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                                      Wa jo ryou stiu—It means harmony in the brewery will make August 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 17                                              harmonious, or good, sake.

Executive Chef
Xavier Salomon

MaȊtre Cuisiner de France
September 2014
Chef's Larder


Chef Steve Stevick

Executive Sous-Chef
Jesse Hansen

View From the Kitchen
by Chef Ryan Clark

Mint (Mentha sp.)

Foraging for Lobster Mushrooms with Chef David Schmidt

District American Kitchen
Restaurant Review
The Green Teen Cookbook Review

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Synopsis:  Foodies West - SakéOne, the leading producer of premium Junmai Ginjo saké in America.

“My background is in wine,” explained Steve Vuylsteke, CEO of SakéOne. “In 1970, my parents founded one of the pioneer wineries in Oregon, Oak Knoll.” Vuylsteke did sales in college and then ran the winery, which produces high quality Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Chardonnay, for 14 years. He worked with Erath Winery for five years until it sold, and then managed a custom crush winery. Greg Lorenz, brewer for SakéOne lived in Prescott, Arizona when he applied for the job as saké brewer. His expertise, with a major in geology and plant biology, centered on “growing critters.” The self-described lab geek had grown blue-green algae and small shrimp in a large facility in Australia, SakéOne has just become the exclusive importer for Hakutsuru Saké Brewing Company,Japan’s leading saké producer.