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Certified Cicerone, Award-winning Brewer, Owner Papago Brewing

September 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 17                                                        Recommends Choice Fall Brews

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Ron Kloth, Certified Cicerone, Award-winning brewer, owner of Papago Brewing Co., Scottsdale, Arizona
Used to be the weather marked the beginning of the end of summer. The time when the dewpoint drops, the jet stream dips, and troughs travel across the West. Not anymore. Now it’s pumpkin beer. THE GREAT PUMPKIN “You’ve got to have pumpkin beer this time of year,” Ron Kloth, certified cicerone, owner of Papago Brewing Co. in Scottsdale, maker of award-winning craft beers, and all-around beer buff, said about the seasonal favorite that draws equal gender preference. A GLOBAL BREW If you look at the list of ingredients on a can of beer produced by Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, the list starts with snowmelt. As in the Rocky Mountain runoff that feeds the town’s water supply. In other words, some good water. “I started going there when they were in the small production stage,” Kloth explained how he got to know Upslope’s three partners. “When they first started canning. I was interested in the canning machine that they were using. I hung out with them at a beer festival in Vale.” Kloth chose Upslope’s Thai-style IPA for this fall beer line-up because it makes “a great crossover beer.” The beer has Belgian Wit yeast hopped like an American IPA and then infused with seven Asian-inspired spices, such as Thai basil, ginger, lemongrass, and coriander. EVEN OKTOBERFEST STARTS IN SEPTEMBER “Oktoberfest beers are perfect for the fall,” Kloth said about his final pick of Odell Oktoberfest Marzen Style Lager. “Traditionally, the brewers made these beers earlier in the year, like around March. Hence the reason you see Marzen on the label.” The German brewers, back in the olden days, aged the beer in oak barrels stored in caves. The caves remained cool enough for the beer to lager through summer and be ready in October. “Oktoberfest originally occurred in October,” Kloth said. “Now it starts in September and ends in October. It’s a weather thing. The weather can get cold and chilly, even snowy, at the base of the Alps. It’s a great transition beer from the summertime to the wintertime. It has a little bit of maltiness but it also is clean and crisp. You might get a little German character. You’ve got the caramel malt, which gives it the color and gives a little sweetness, but not too much.”