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November 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 21                                   I'm just Rodney. Rodney your guy.


Executive Chef Jose Mejia

F&B Director/
Chef Kevin Maguire

November 2014
 Chef's Larder

John Rothstein, Sommelier

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Why those drinks
with bitters make you
 feel so good.

Bourbon Steak

Moonshine Nation
by Mark Spivak

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros

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Synopsis: Rodney Brown, owner/chef of Rodney’s in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Around 20 years ago, Rodney Brown came to Willcox, Arizona to work for “a guy,” he said, “who turned out to be a crook.” When the revelation hit, Brown split without a plan. This thrust him into starting his own restaurant. “I bought a case of hamburgers and cooked burgers for a week,” Brown recalled how he started his restaurant. The restaurant became a hit because, Brown said, “the way I season the burgers is like homemade.” He also has the grilling gene, which he perfected on Sunday afternoons on Lake Michigan beaches. The restaurant continues to be a hit because everything Brown does has that homemade touch, from the food to his personality. To this day, people admit coming to his restaurant “for Rodney.” Brown said he trained as a chef while working for the (former) Landmark Restaurant in Sierra Vista back in 1977. Brown described the owner, Tony Sheib, as “so good, people would come in to work for free.” Brown doesn’t wear chef’s whites, and he doesn’t go by Chef. “I’m just Rodney. Rodney your guy. Chef means you don’t wash dishes anymore.” Brown learned to produce variety from few ingredients at the Landmark Restaurant. But his innate talent, which he developed thanks to his mother and aunts while growing up in Terre Haute, Indiana, laid the foundation for his success. Having a photographic memory didn’t hurt, either.

 Includes a recipe for Shrimp Gumbo.