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 ROBERTO SERRALLÉS, Distilería Serrallés
The job of a rum blender is very much like the job of a
painter. When we blend, I feel we are making
December 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 23                                               an organoleptic painting.

Levy on Pairing (Part one)
Owner/Chef Doug Levy

Levy on Pairing (Part two)
Owner/Chef Doug Levy

Executive Pastry Chef
Lance Whipple

Executive Chef
James Wallace


December 2014

Chef's Larder

Under, over, sideways, down—this herb's got it covered

Agustín Kitchen
Restaurant Review

Chesapeake Bitters
 Old Fashioned

by Ciaran Wiese

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros

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Synopsis: Roberto Serrallés, Distilería Serrallés, Puerto Rico

In a family business, work and family often become inseparably entwined. At least it ended up that way for Roberto Serrallés, who grew up in a legendary rum-making family in Puerto Rico. The family’s distillery, Distilería Serrallés, produces award-winning rums, including the Puerto Rico’s signature rum, Don Q. One-hundred-and-fifty years old next year, the distillery is among the oldest privately-owned companies in the U.S. and its territories. “We were all quite aware of the Don Q brand from a very early age,” said Serrallés, vice president of business development. “My dad was constantly working on new blends and new formulas. He would spend time nosing and tasting before dinner, and I would tag along and learn about nosing from him. My first summer jobs were unpacking Don Q cases off the back of the trucks and delivering them to local accounts. The Caliche blend, in particular, was a special project for Destileria Serrallés. Rande Gerber, University of Arizona graduate, Ford model and nightlife maestro, kept hearing complaints from his bartenders that they couldn't find a quality rum fit for drinking solo on the rocks. He contacted Destileria Serrallés, who he called "the godfathers of rum," to remedy the situation. “We developed the super-premium white rum to stretch the category of aged white rum northward in terms of image, quality and consumer perception,” Serrallés said. “We were transcending the usual confines of white rum production. I believe the resulting blend of Caliche is a true masterpiece, and I am very proud of it. The aged white rum has plenty of body and character to stand up in traditional cocktails and cut through when mixed with various ingredients. To achieve this, they made a blend of three- to five-year old rums using the solera method, an aging process in sherry casks that involves fractional blending where the end product is a mixture of ages.