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Michael Robb, Certified Sommelier, Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona
When Michael Robb became sommelier for Enchantment Resort in Sedona, he saw the genius in carrying a good selection of Arizona wines in his cellar. Wine, he reasoned, has “that whole locavore thing” that represents the place. “Even if we’re drinking California here,” Robb said, “the wine is supposed to represent that vineyard, that year, for that winemaker over there. And people are into that. So when people come here, they think maybe they should try Arizona wine at least once because they’re into trying something local when they travel.” Robb decided to go all out. His list contains more Arizona wines than any other venue. “I’m pretty secure in saying that,” Robb said. “When we started the Arizona wine program four or five years ago—we had Arizona wines before that, but we really decided to embrace it and have more than anybody. We did, truly, call some places and ask how many Arizona wines they had and looked up wine lists on the Internet. So we knew a number we wanted to get to.” At that time the number totaled 50. Robb chose 35 wines that they liked and had to go to “Column B,” he said, to finish it out. Those days have passed. Now he has enough to chose from so that he can focus on wines from northern Arizona. This way, guests can check out the labels further at a local tasting room opened by Maynard James Keenan.