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January 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 2                                                                                                                          Scottsdale, Arizona

Executive Chef
Ken Harvey
Chef de Cuisine 
Alexis Martinez

January 2015
Chef's Larder

Inside Daniel Mangione's Pastry Shop
Certified Sommelier
Shaun Adams

The rest of your body
on Rosemary

Proof: An American Canteen

Kids in the Kitchen
Junior Leagues International

Ice Wine: Darling of Desserts or Ice Queen?

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Synopsis:> Foodies West Restaurant Revues,January 2015, Proof: An American Canteen, Four Seasons at Scottsdale Troon North, Arizona - When Proof opened in 2012, the concept strayed noticeably from the Four Seasons’ typical style which, in this venue’s previous incarnation, was casual elegance. Executive Sous Chef Jesse Hanson, now at Four Seasons Woodland, CA, worked with the designer to create a totally different concept. An “experiment,” they called it, that pushed all the limits.The menu grabs from every direction in the US of A and features the country’s basic culinary concepts to create a genuinely creative and tasty menu. The concept was simple, but the execution took finesse. Hanson’s goal was to serve renditions of dishes that if people have it someplace else, Proof’s version would be the benchmark. “We try to make things tasty and have good textures,” said chef de cuisine Dell Morris, who worked closely with Hanson. “Stuff that’s familiar, but that has a surprise at the same time.” Proof, thanks to mixologist Jon Crone, has earned press accolades as a favorite place to have a few libations. The ingredients in Crone’s crafted cocktails contain some amazing flavors that he obviously puts together with care and passion. Want proof? He makes his own bitters.