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PATSY LOWRY - Artist, Speaker, Author
What’s more intimate than being invited into 
someone’s home? Being invited into someone’s house
April 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 7                                                                is like being invited into someone’s heart.

 Iron Chef Lee Hillson

Pastry Chef Jill McCormick

Chef's Larder

Chef Michael Rusconi


Savannah & the Iron Chef

Chef Ryan Clark:
Modern Southwest
Cooking Book Review

Sacred Spirits

The herb of merriment

KAI Restaurant Revue

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Synopsis:  Foodies West interview with Patsy Lowry, Phoenix, Arizona

If a chef serves a plate with a mouthwatering presentation, chances are the artful presentation will inspire the diner into deciding it tastes good, too. What about the table? Does its presentation—the way it’s set and decorated—make a difference in a diner’s overall perception of a meal? Collectible artist, speaker, and author, Patsy Lowry, thinks so. She admits she’s not the world’s greatest cook—“Trust me,” she said— but she is famous for her table settings. She creates them like she would a painting. And her guests never—ever—forget how much they enjoyed the meal. Nor does anyone turn down her invitation to one. How does she do it? “I have people ask me when I give talks, How can we be creative like you? The answer is one word: Start!