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  December 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 22                                 It's a little fun to get all wine-geeky on things.


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Michael Robb, Certified Sommelier, Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona
Michael Robb and his sister thought they were pretty cool sitting on the front porch steps of their Minnesota home drinking root beer that their dad made for them. Dad, an engineer by career, was a basement vintner on a quest to make a good drinking wine that cost less than buying it. “He made some mistakes along the way,” Robb said. Like the first batch of root beer. It turned out too carbonated, and the bottles started exploding. “We have pictures of my dad wearing a welding mask,” Robb described the scene, “opening the bottles to dispose of them. Learning curve.” His dad’s adventures in fermentation might have planted a seed, but it clearly didn’t bloom at home. Rather, Robb followed in his dad’s cerebral footsteps. He went to college, took up applied mathematics and stated working in restaurants as a job. He went back and forth between bartending and serving. “I just kind of stayed with the restaurants and had a couple of mentors,” Robb said. “Staying with the serving, and getting more and more into the wine certainly helped. I worked here at Enchantment for quite a while where the food and wine thing is always happening.” And now he’s the one that makes it happen. As sommelier, Robb doesn’t apply much applied math from his college days, but that cerebral side keeps popping up. “It’ a little fun to get all wine-geeky on things,” Robb said. “It’s one of those things that, the more you know the more there is to know.” Which can lead to what Robb calls that “snooty, snobby sort of thing” ascribed to the common somm. “The keeper of great secrets,” Robb nailed the attitude. “There’s lots to know in the wine world, and people are very sure of their not-quite-correct information. They’re half-right, but they’re just positive about that misinformation. It’s always ever-changing, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up. There are so many winemaking regions in the world. There are similarities, but there are vast differences that are practiced in different places.” Why is he different?