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Matt Glazer:
February 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 3                                                                                    I love the science of my business.



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Synopsis:  Foodies West interview with Matt Glazer, Executive Chef at Big Sur Road House, Glen Oaks Inn, Big Sur, California

If sharing food is the best way to share one’s culture, Matt Glazer has become an ambassador for his hometown New Orleans and its Cajun cuisine in one unlikely land—Big Sur, California. So how did he go from cypress-lined bayous to conifer-covered mountains? “I went to college in Portland, Oregon to do something completely different,” Glazer started his story. “I got a job in the school cafeteria. The chef there showed me food and how to be artistic. I had no art skills. I can’t even draw. He showed me I could take something from its raw form and create something visually pleasing.” “I was ready for a change. CIA was the only one. The Harvard of culinary school. The Making of A Chef, after reading that, there was no question it would give me the skills and education, and I could go where I wanted to.”Which would be New York City, right? “Lo and behold, I got an opportunity to start at Esalen Institute.” He serves a California-Canjun Cuisine. “They had the design concept, and put the restaurant design together. Without a doubt, this is California Cuisine. I buy fisherman direct, one-hundred percent rod-and-reel. No by-catch. We make the best choices we possibly can when it comes to sustainability.”