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January 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 2                                                           How to make 500 Raspberry Mousse Cubes

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January 2015
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Synopsis: Daniel Mangione, Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, Arizona, Pastry Shop

“We started with a very simple Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. Very thin. Nothing too crazy about this cake. Just a thin Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. And on top of that, we wanted to add some type of texture element to the dessert.” Mangione said they could do this in many ways. They decided on a creamy paste with toasted rice cereal to create a crunch. “So we spread a thin layer of the chocolate cereal spread. Once that’s spread on, we allow it to set a little bit, and then we cut each individual cube by itself.” Mangione also planned to add a chocolate surprise to the mousse dessert. He created a 58% dark chocolate cream, filled pastry molds with the cream, and froze it for several hours in a blast freezer that gets down to minus 10-degrees. Traditionally, mousse means twice lightened,” Mangione explained. “So we will be lightening this mousse twice. First with whipped cream, and then with Italian meringue. So we still are respecting the classic definition of What is a mousse. “These molds aren’t something everybody has,” Mangione said. “Home Depot has a metal crafter who made every one of these. They’ll craft whatever you want. But you have to make sure it’s food safe. “It’s ironic,” Mangione added, “When they have the World Pastry Competition in Las Vegas, The Home Depot is the premier sponsor of that because so many people buy stuff from them.