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Owner/Chef Doug Levy, Feast - Tucson, AZ 

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December 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 23                                            of putting flavors together.

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December 2014

Chef's Larder

Roberto Serrallés
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Levy on Pairing (Part two)
Owner/Chef Doug Levy

Under, over, sideways, down—this herb's got it covered

Agustín Kitchen
Restaurant Review

Chesapeake Bitters
 Old Fashioned

by Ciaran Wiese

Eileen Crane
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Synopsis: Doug Levy on Wine Pairing, Owner/Chef of Feast in Tucson, Arizona.

Following Doug Levy’s career in the kitchen is like getting a look at Who’s Who in the Tucson, Arizona culinary scene (FOODIES WEST August 2013 issue). Levy was there when it all started. During his career, Levy worked at Tucson’s top restaurants, raking in gushing reviews, as he learned the trade. One of the turning points in his career happened at The Dish Bistro. That’s when he met the wine cellar. “I was the chef at The Dish when it first opened,” Levy recalled. “The Dish is attached to the Rumrunner, which is probably the premier bottle shop in Tucson and probably southern Arizona. If you can work a great little 40-seat restaurant with a 700- to 800-bottle wine list, if you can do that for five years and not walk away affected by it, you’ll be doing something different than what I’m doing. That’s for sure.” And for sure, that’s exactly what Levy’s doing now—running his own great little 40-seat restaurant with a 600-bottle wine list. Levy draws visitors from around the country who have heard of his wine collection, which just got bumped up from the Award of Excellence in the Wine Spectator to Best of Award of Excellence. The neighborhood place, as Levy calls Feast, just happens to have a wine list that draws a certain crowd. This includes guests that say, Take me on a journey, which Levy “loves.”