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 December 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 23                                                                                                Water makes the difference.


AAA 5-Diamond/NYT 3-Star
Executive Pastry Chef David Blom

Sheana Davis

Chef Devin Pinto

Jeff Barba: Why he converted an award-winning wine list to all South-American labels.

Pie Shy?
Ken Haedrich can help!

Santé - 2015
Sonoma, California

Michael Robb
on Arizona Wines

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Leaf Organic Vodka - Award-winning vodka where water makes the difference.
Earth tones, in the world of distilled spirits, color the current trends. Since many imbibers don’t want to travel down the trendy trail on their way to liquored bliss, vodka still remains the most approachable hard spirit. “Yes people are opening their palates to new products,” said New York City celebrity mixologist and spokesperson for Leaf Vodka, Igor Zukowiec, “The world is beautiful. There are always new things to learn about and have fun with all of it. But vodka, having such a huge market share in spirits, will definitely stay there. We have to remember that vodka was the thing that started it all. “Even in a classic cocktail like the martini,” Zukowiec added. “That was originally made with gin. Right now, when people come to the bar and order a martini, 90-percent of the time it’s with vodka.” And 90-percent of the time, that vodka has no appreciable taste to get between bright-eyed and blasted. It’s bland. Generic. And oh so vanilla. And then there’s Leaf Vodka. Would you believe: Bold. Complex. Smooth and Pure? “The idea behind Leaf Vodka,” Zukowiec explained how this vodka differs from the rest, “was to understand how water affects the final taste in vodka. Actually, not only with vodka, but in general. It’s kind of an eye-opener when you realize how water eventually affects the final taste of vodka.” Zukowiec compared this concept to the importance of water in making beer. “You go to some countries,” Zukowiec said, “and you realize the beers taste different. Every country, basically, has the same brewing process for beer, but each country has a different source of water. And then you can understand how the beers taste slightly different in each country.” Leaf Vodka comes in two versions. The blue label made with water from the Rocky Mountains and the green label made with Alaskan glacial water. Both are made with USDA Certified Organic wheat. The different waters, however, produce different results. Both versions have racked up a couple dozen platinum, gold (mostly) and silver awards between them.