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November 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 21                               You need structure to be successful.


Executive Chef Jose Mejia

Chef Rodney Brown

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros

John Rothstein, Sommelier

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Why those drinks
with bitters make you
 feel so good.

Bourbon Steak

Moonshine Nation
by Mark Spivak

November 2014
 Chef's Larder

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Synopsis: Kevin Maguire, Director of Food & Beverage/former Executive Chef, Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona

When the current owners of Enchantment Resort bought the property in 1995, they asked Kevin Maguire to take on the job as executive chef and food and beverage director. The dual-responsibility position required Maguire to think with both sides of his brain. “It was an interesting concept,” Maguire said. “From an overall management concept, the whole goal was to streamline the operation. Let’s not have a chef that’s just back in the kitchen, wielding a knife; and let’s not have a food and beverage director that just graduated from college and is book smart, but doesn’t know the business. The key to success for any of us is the team you put around you. So back in the original days, I had a very strong culinary team and very strong front of the house management team.” The original days, meaning Maguire’s first stint at Enchantment. In 2001, as he described it, Maguire “was lured to the mountains of Aspen.” The St. Regis Aspen. “Aspen was great,” Maguire said. “I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was really an incredible hotel and incredible experience. But it was kind of a dance. It wasn’t real.” Due, mainly, to the cost of living in Aspen, which almost matches New York City. After three years, Maguire was recruited by his current managing company’s sister property in Irvington, Virginia, Tides Inn. The Bostoner got his start in the culinary world back in his hometown’s historic Copley Plaza Hotel. He worked with Lydia Shire—the city’s iconoclastic chef who not only did what she wanted, but shattered one culinary glass ceiling after another in the process—when he was about 20 years old.

Includes recipes for three cocktail: Spring Thyme with Casa Amigos Tequila, simpe syrup, Watermelon juice, Cointreau, fresh thyme sprig; Cucumber cilantro Martini with Roca Patron Blanco, cucumber juice, simple syrup, lime juice, cilantro leaf, cucumbe slices; 90 Carrot gold cocktail, Makers Mark, Stirring's Ginger Liqueur, orange juice, carrot juice, honey