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April 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 8                                     Gila River Community/Phoenix, AZ

Michelin 2-star Chef
Ken Takayama

Chef Anthony Spinella

Chef's Larder

Gordon Watkins

Upslope Brewing Company

Chef Ryan Clark:
Modern Southwest
Cooking Book Review

Savannah & the Iron Chef

Savannah Shops Town & Country Farmers Market

The Country Cure-all in the Chef's Kitchen

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Synopsis:  Foodies West review of KAI restaurant, Gila River Community, Phoenix, Arizona.

The KAI concept of dining focuses on the journey of the meal, starting with fresh-pressed tablecloths, a rarity nowadays. Next, the wait staff, polished and precise, but not pretentious, introduces themselves and the menu. They not only make sure your wish is their command, but they are your guides on the journey.This journey takes you into the world of the Akimel O’odham and Pee-Posh tribes which make up the Gila River Community. Each course gets presented by a waiter with a story or philosophy of the tribes. Diners will learn about legends, desert animals, and the tribes’ artistic talents, which show up on everything from the menus to the wall art. Meanwhile, in the back of the house, the kitchen creates plates that take culinary art to the highest level. Sometimes in a downright entertaining way, which makes some plates a trip in themselves.