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March 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 5                             have a voice and keep their integrity.


Executive Chef
Richard Boyer

Michael West 
Certified Sommelier

March 2015
Chef's Larder

Chef Charles Wiley
Prepares his signature Salmon recipe

Chef Jose Salas shares his experiences with the America's Cup races and athletes' appetites:

What would we do
without fennel?

Limoncello di Capri

CORE Kitchen & Wine Bar

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Synopsis: Executive Sous Chef Jose Salas, The Flying V Bar & Grill, Loews Ventana Canyon
Jose Salas knows how to throw a party. At home, he prepares his favorite dish—antipasto with different cured meats, mostarda, honeycomb, fresh and edge cheeses, olive oils, jams, and pickled vegetables—for his guests. On the job, when he was executive sous chef with Hyatt Hotels in Phoenix, Houston, Cambridge, Tampa Bay, Berlin, Santa Fe, and Santa Clara, he served everything from fine dining to protein shakes and chicken wings at banquets to themed food at the priciest dinners of the Super Bowl weekend. Salas eventually took a job as chef for “a wonderful platinum private yacht club, the St. Francis Yacht Club,” in San Francisco. That put him in the middle of the America’s Cup competition. Until he became an executive sous chef when he was only 24 years old. He was working at the thousand-room Hyatt Regency Houston at the time, in 2000. “That really taught me a lot of lessons at a young age,” Salas said. “We had six restaurants in the hotel. An extremely busy operation. I really learned a lot.” Most memorably in the economy of food. The chef he worked with, Jean Moisan, ran a tight operation. Recipe: Seared Sirloin with Chocolate Ancho Chili Sauce with grass-fed sirloin steak, nutmeg, coriander, molten salt, Ibarra chocolate, dried ancho chili pepper, sherry wine vinegar, butter