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November 2014
 Chef's Larder

Chef Rodney Brown

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Why those drinks
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Bourbon Steak

Moonshine Nation
by Mark Spivak

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros

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Synopsis: John Rothstein, Sommelier/Owner, Urban Vine, Phoenix, Arizona

If you asked John Rothstein where he lives, he’ll tell you Phoenix. But really, he’s one of those people that could easily consider the whole planet his stomping grounds as he goes about collecting his pocketful of achievements. Lately he’s stayed put in Phoenix who’s just opened a venue with partner, Chef Michael O’Dowd (and people like it). “So there was a local resort called Westin La Paloma,” Rothstein described his decision about how to remedy the money situation. “I went to their HR department. I said, I just need a job. She said there are job postings on the wall. And I looked down, and there was a position called Bar Porter. I had no idea what that was. All I knew was, here I am, 21 years old, and in college. If there’s anything that I could do, it has to do with bar.” Rothstein changed his major and graduated with a business degree from the Eller College of Management at University of Arizona. Starwood corporate sent him traveling around the country to pre-open venues. Along the way he got his sommelier certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers. When he heard about the company’s plans to open Wild Horse Pass in Chandler. Rothstein, again, took stock of his situation. “I loved Phoenix and wanted to stay here,” Rothstein said. “So I said, You know what? I think my next venture will be to open Wild Horse Pass.” Since he aspired to open up his own venue, he jumped at an opportunity with Stephen Starr Restaurants. He was recruited, hired and left for Philadelphia to learn the ropes of the freestanding venue. Rothstein collected some prime industry kudos and bumped around the Eastern Seaboard. Eventually, he made his way to Manhattan. Rothstein did not fail. He became corporate beverage director for Laurent Tourodel out of New York City and had the responsibilities of 17 different units. He traveled to Hong Kong to open two of them.