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It's always been something that's been in the back of
my mind about every good chef, they have
August 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 15                                           their mise en place together.


Chef Mel Mecinas

August 2014 Chef's Larder

Chef Brian Widmer

Dining at the White House
by Chef John Moeller
w/Mike Lovell

Mugwort: Absinthe's
cousin loves your liver.

Sommelier Petra Polakovicova

Talavera Restaurant Revue

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Synopsis: Chef de Cuisine John Marchetti, Sheraton Downtown Phoenix, District American Kitchen & Wine Bar.

The fates open their hands, what else to do but follow? Especially when it comes to a career. “Like I’m truly one of the luckiest people in the world,” Chef John Marchetti said. “I know a lot of friends and family that it took them years, if they ever really did, to find that thing that they like. I was fortunate enough to go into my first kitchen when I was 15 years old.”He recalled the simple twist of fate. “It was an accident, because I never planned that six years later I would be a chef. I was a busboy at a nightclub/restaurant/hotel back in Philadelphia. I got into a little bit of trouble. The same day, all the cooks got fired. The GM came up to me and asked me if I felt like cooking.” The GM knew how much Marchetti liked working in the nightclub. So he used the line as punishment for Marchetti’s indiscretion and a way to keep the kitchen going. “I said, Sure, why not?,” Marchetti continued. ”And really, it just kind of caught on from there.”