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April 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 7                                                                  and inspire them to do things different.

Iron Chef Lee Hillson

Artist Pasty Lowry
Talks Table Art
Chef's Larder

Chef Michael Rusconi

See how guests at Peppertrees Inn chill out! Check out our Facebok page (April 19, 2014)  for Jill McCormick's recipe for homemade
Lavender Lemonade.

Chef Ryan Clark:
Modern Southwest Cooking Book Review

Sacred Spirits

The herb of merriment

KAI Restaurant Revue

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Synopsis:  Foodies West interview with Pastry Chef Jill Light McCormick, Peppertrees Inn Bed & Breakfast, Tucson, Arizona

.Detailed, into different textures, and combining different colors and hot and cold, Jill Light McCormick’s plates are a happening. All this, and she added one more  “I want the meal to be healthy and incredible.” McCormick was talking about the breakfasts she serves at her bed & breakfast, Peppertrees Inn. She has clients that stay several times a year, which means she’s always looking for fresh ideas. Plus, seven out of 10 guests answer, Yes, to dietary restrictions. Preparing healthy and gluten- and/or dairy-free breakfasts has brought McCormick a long way from her celebrated pastry past, which had her and her exquisite confections appearing often in Art Culinaire magazine.McCormick started her career baking in the kitchen of the Old Ebbitt Grill near the White House. The Old Ebbitt has used fresh, local ingredients long before farm-to-table was vogue.  Next, she opened the Four Seasons in New York City as executive pastry chef. “The Four Seasons raised my level of service expectations,” McCormick said. “I learned you never say no to a customer.”When she decided to do something on her own, McCormick moved to Washington, D.C., where her sister lived, and they opened up a wholesale/retail bakery, Cilly and Jilly’s Fabulous Baking Company. This was right around the time of the coffee shop explosion, and these shops—among them Starbucks—ordered their pastry from Cilly and Jilly