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September 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 17                                  With food, once I started, I never looked back.



Executive Chef
Xavier Salomon

MaȊtre Cuisiner de France
September 2014
Chef's Larder


Chef Steve Stevick
The Green Teen Cookbook Review

View From the Kitchen by Chef Ryan Clark

Mint (Mentha sp.)


District American Kitchen
Restaurant Review

Foraging for Lobster Mushrooms with Chef David Schmidt

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Synopsis:Jesse Hansen, Executive Sous-Chef Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North

When Jesse Hansen grew up in Santa Barbara, he watched the Galloping Gourmet with his parents on a black and white TV. The kind, he said, where there’s more salt and pepper going on in the tube than in the kitchen. And they watched the original Iron Chefs. “There was a culinary school in Santa Barbara City College that I checked out during my senior year. My mom took me there, and we signed up.” A year into culinary school, Hansen started working in the cafeteria at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara as “the front of the house cafeteria guy” that served food to the employees. Then he moved to the kitchen. He did some garde manger “for vegetable platters and that kind of stuff.” Doing the night shift for room service had him running around the kitchen looking for ingredients the day shift neatly put away. After the overnights, he did a buffet with Chef Mel Mecinas, who wrote the menu for the buffet. Then he was part of the team that opened the Four Seasons in San Francisco as a line cook. Two years later he became banquet chef. Next, he drove to the Toronto Four Seasons, and then he came to his present position in Scottsdale.