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April 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 7                                               I try to be very humble and appreciate everyone.


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April 2015
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Synopsis: Jared Sowinski, Director of Beverage, Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona Jared Sowinski might not have had a real clue about his future when he attended Prescott College, but his background and interests didn’t come anything close to libation material. He came from a family of teetotalers, he majored in accounting, and he played paintball. Then he discovered he had a passion for wine when he took a job at the local wine tasting venue, Bin 239. “When I worked at the wine bar,” Sowinski said, “it was the first time I ever had wine. Literally, working at the restaurant, I was told, Here’s our wine for the day. You have to sell the wine. Try this. Then everyday, you would try the wine of the day.” After two years, Sowinski decided he liked wine more than he liked the prospects of becoming an accountant. He “just trusted” his gut instincts, changed his career course, hung up his paintball weaponry and headed for the Land of Good Libations. “I got to my Associates and thought, You know what, I need a change of pace. I’m going to become a sommelier. I came here in 2007, and three years later, I’m an apprentice sommelier/director of wine. I think I made the right choice.” Sowinski, a self-described perfectionist and analytical person, originally chose the Phoenician because it had an extensive wine program. “Greg Tresner,” Sowinski said of the Phoenician’s sommelier and the specific draw, “is Arizona’s only master sommelier. If I wanted to learn to become a sommelier, he was the one. There’s no better teacher. He’s got a lot of knowledge, and he taught me a lot.” Since libations tend toward the trendy, and since Sowinski has an eye for glamour, he may try to tether his personality to a meek link, but his innovative style remains flamboyant. For instance, the Hario Cold Process Water Dripper Tower. Most people use it to make cold-dripped coffee. Sowinski uses it to create, tableside, on-the-spot infused cocktails. It’s different, he says. Which is an understatement. “I saw this and thought, You know what, I can use this to infuse cocktails tableside,” Sowinski said. Recipe: The Rested Peach - El Jimado Anejo Tequila, Limoncello, peach puree, fresh lemon juice, rosemary-nfused agave nectar, Fee's Peach Bitters, Fee's Lemon Bitters, Fresh orange peel for garnish