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Janos Wilder:  
February 2013 Issue / Vol. 1, No. 1                               In my heart, I knew this is what food should do. 









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Synopsis:  Owner/Chef Downtown Kitchen, Tucson, AZ

"font-size: 10px;">He melded two unlikely cultures with the culinary alchemy he instinctively knew. “No one was cooking like me,” Janos said. “But I was so focused on what I was doing, I didn’t even realize the trailblazing I was doing. I wasn’t out to create anything but good food. Other people were doing what I was—marrying nouvelle techniques with local ingredients. But not here. What I was serving was really regional cooking. American food with French techniques. This sensation Janos created in Arizona—which eventually landed him a James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest in 2000, nomination for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in the United States in 2009, a AAA four-star rating, and numerous regional awards—started in Colorado where he worked at the Gold Hill Inn. Located 10 miles outside of Boulder, isolated high in the Rockies, the restaurant depended on local sources for its ingredients. It also instilled the importance of a sense of place. Next he worked in Santa Fe where he met La Réserve owner, Roland Flouren, who he convinced to allow him to work among his staff for three months in Bordeaux. Under the tutelage of Pierre Bugat and Didier Petreau, Janos learned how to get the most out of ingredients in an ongoing style of creativity and experimentation