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 If you can't cook, you can't be involved in the restaurant.
April 2016 Issue | Vol. 4, No. 7                                                         I like to be involved.



Executive Sous Chef
Lee Hillson

Executive Chef
Anthony Fullylove

Certified Sommelier
Mitch Ober

Chef Forest Hamrick
talks about mastering the art of making sushi on our
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The Wachau Wonder:
Bailoni Gold Apricot
Liqueur and Schnapps

La Hacienda:
by Richard Sandoval
Everything is hands-on.

Carlo DeVito:
Jiggers & Drams
Whisky Journal

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Forest Hamrick, Executive Chef for Richard Sandoval Restaurants at Scottsdale Fairmont Princess, Arizona Sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want until you find it. Once you do, it’s a done deal. That’s what happened when Forest Hamrick got in the kitchen. In his quest to find the right career, he went to school to become a psychologist. Then he switched to the nursing program. “I just kept dropping my classes all the time,” Hamrick said, “and then I stopped. I moved to San Diego and got a job working in a kitchen, and I thought, This is it. This is what I want to do. Ever since then, that’s all I’ve done. Just like that. Quick.” That connection happened again when Hamrick went to La Hacienda at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess. He worked in the four-star kitchen before its brief hiatus in 2008. When Richard Sandoval re-launched the venue in 2010, Hamrick took the helm as chef de cuisine. He reestablished the restaurant, which he affectionately calls LaHa, as a local favorite with a reputation that reaches out-of-towners. Last October, Sandoval made Hamrick executive chef of his two venues on the Fairmont Scottsdale property—La Hacienda and Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar. Hamrick has not only kept LaHa firmly established, he’s steering Toro to the same level of success. “My whole goal was to build two very strong teams,” Hamrick shared his objective. “Because without them, I can’t be back and forth. I have to be in one place all the time. And that took some time.”