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November 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 20                                                        
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Sushi Master
Masa Shimakawa

Chef de Cuisine
Cord Chatham

 Certified Wine Educator
Gary Spadafore gives the Skivvy on Sparklers

Mona Gonzales
AJ's Finer Foods
What's Hot in Cheese

Chef Daniel Schmidt described a time when he found the food knew more than the chef on

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Can they wake the dead?

Che-Ah-Chi 2015
Sedona, Arizona

East Side Sushi
Anthony Lucero gives the story behind his award-winning film.

Westlake Village, CA

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Olympian Michelin Executive Chef Daniel Schmidt, Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Arizona
Daniel Schmidt owes his stunningly successful career to beer. Though he went the classic route of culinary school, his grandfather, Herbert, helped get his internship. “He was an old beer maker,” German-born Schmidt explained in a homeland-heavy accent, “and he was easily connected to hotels and restaurants. So he helped me make the first internship in a restaurant. I started in the dishwashing area. Day-in, day-out washing dishes. Then slowly, slowly getting up to peeling potatoes. And then finally get to the stove where you can swing with the big guys the pans and pots. I really enjoyed my first three years, which were very typical for Germany as a young chef.” Sort of. Schmidt, then only, “what, 15- or 16-years-old,” also got selected to train for competitions that went way beyond Top Chef or The Next Iron Chef. “I became part of the youth national team and traveled around and had a chance to join the Olympics and the World Cup,” Schmidt explained. “I got a lot of prizes, a lot of winnings.” His most memorable? “The Olympics,” Schmidt answered, referring to the 2000 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. “My grandfather—the one that helped me get a job, the beer maker—was sick and in the hospital. He already didn’t feel so good anymore. We kind of discussed the Olympics, and I said, I promise you I’m going to bring back the gold medal for you. I promised him that.” And he did. Schmidt, then the captain of the German national team for the Apprentice Team Competition, got the gold. Even sweeter, it was the wunderkind’s last assignment with the team. He then went back to Germany and started working at the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg. From there, he transferred to Guangzhou, China, where he stayed the last six years before coming to Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain. In between, he opened properties all over the world—India, Japan, Sweden, Spain. “I’ve been 11 years with Ritz-Carlton,” Schmidt said, “so there have been a lot of opportunities.”