Where else? 
by Françios de Mélogue
February 2016 Issue / Volume 4; No. 4                                 So you want to write a cookbook?


Chef de Cuisine
Brandon Gauthier

Chef Tournant
Brandon Duley

Executive Chef
Kyle Kuklewski

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Cast & Plow: The Story
Marina del Rey, CA

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Cuisine of the Sun by Chef François de Mélogue | Portland, Oregon
When François de Mélogue started writing his first cookbook, Provençal-style Cuisine of the Sun, he figured the hardest part would be sorting out his recipes. The celebrated chef had 30 years’ worth. What he actually experienced turned out way different than the cakewalk he expected. “Writing a cookbook is like opening a restaurant,” de Mélogue said. “When you look at it on paper, it looks simple. You pick a space. You order your equipment. You hire staff. You’ve got the menu. No problem.” Until one actually goes through the motions, which de Mélogue called “brutal”. “You don’t ever realize what it’s like to open a restaurant until you actually do it,” de Mélogue said. “It’s like, I imagine, giving birth. It’s a brutal process that just beats you over the head. I’ve opened seven or eight in my life. It’s kind of like a childbirth thing. You know all the pain you’re going to go through. You get this beautiful little baby that you love incredibly. And really, the cookbook was kind of the same thing.” Only he didn’t realize it until he started going through the motions. After he fine-tuned the recipes for the home kitchen, he figured all he had to do was fill in the cracks. “That’s the naïve beginning interpretation,” de Mélogue said. “And then you realize the mountain of work. The edits. The re-edits. It’s just like opening up a restaurant. The loss of sleep. Going over the same thing a thousand times.”