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June 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 11                I always had an interest in building things and creating things. 


Iron Chef/Restaurateur Victor Casanova

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Martin Scott

June 2015
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Sumac Berries:
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Toro Latin Restaurant:
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Leblon Cachaça:
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Chef de Cuisine Colin Rupp, Wright's at the Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona
Researchers say 40-percent of twins devise their own language. For Colin Rupp and his brother, Ryan (who is three minutes younger), it probably had something to do with cooking. “My brother and I helped out quite a bit in the kitchen,” Rupp said. “My mother cooked often. We grew up kind of old school compared to what most people do now. We used to sit down to dinner every night. Nowadays, it seems, that most people sit in front of a TV every night.” During holidays, the kids helped with traditional fare. “My great uncle was a baker in Ohio,” Rupp said, “so we have some pretty traditional family recipes. One of them is a potato roll that we serve every year for Thanksgiving.” The twins even opened up a restaurant together. “We actually did a fake restaurant,” Rupp explained, “just playing around, when we were kids. We made a gummy bear sundae, or something like that. It was great fun.” Ryan, who started working in the Arizona Biltmore banquets department and eventually became the lead sous chef, got Rupp his first job in the kitchen. “I noticed, at home, after Ryan started working at the Biltmore, how he was striving to make things better,” Rupp said. “Everything that he cooked was delicious. That’s what I wanted to do.”