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 COFFEE (Coffea aribica):
October  2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No.18                                                          The Wine of Araby 

Executive Chef
Keith Shutta

Michelin Chef
Jeremy McMillan

Pastry Chef
Amanda Taylor

Guy Sporbert
Scotch Ambassador

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Bourbon Steak 2015
Scottsdale, Arizona

World Cheese Book
byJuliet Harbutt

Westlake Village, CA

Andrew Steiner Cheesemonger Extraordinaire



COFFEE: Medication Time . . . Thought as the drink of the devil when it first came on the European scene in the 16th century, coffee had to get a papal pardon from Pope Clement before it was safe to sip the “beverage of Islam.” By the 18th century in England, “that Newfangled, Abominable, Heathenish Liquor,” which tasted of “syrup of soot and essence of old shoes” went from being a dangerous substance for body and soul to medical marvel “necessary to a general welfare,” not to mention “a valuable source of additional revenue for the growing fiscal demands of the British state” by the 18th Century (Cowan, 2005).