Chesapeake Bitters Old Fashioned
December 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 23                                                                                                        by Mixologist Ciaran Wiese

Levy on Pairing (Part one)
Owner/Chef Doug Levy

Levy on Pairing (Part two)
Owner/Chef Doug Levy

Executive Chef
James Wallace

Executive Pastry Chef
Lance Whipple


December 2014

Chef's Larder

Under, over, sideways, down—this herb's got it covered

Agustín Kitchen
Restaurant Review

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros

Roberto Serrallés
Distilería Serrallés

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Synopsis: Chesapeake Bitter Old Fashioned by Ciaran Wiese, mixologist at Agustin Kitchen in Tucson, Arizona Recipe uses Rittenhouse Whiskey, Demerara syrup, Bitter End Chesapeake Bitters, lemon twist and block ice. Includes directions on how to make block ice cubes.