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  CHE-AH-CHI Restaurant Review — 2015 
November 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 21                                                                                                                                    
Sedona, Arizona

Janos Wilder share the story behind Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails

Executive Sous Chef
Joshua Johnson

Bakery Manager
Colorado State University
Pastry Chef David Couch

Michael Robb
Certified Sommelier

Spruce up your food.

Mona Gonzales
AJ's Fine Foods
What's Hot in Cheese

East Side Sushi
Anthony Lucero gives the story behind his award-winning film.

 Certified Wine Educator
Gary Spadafore gives the Skivvy on Sparklers

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Che-Ah-Che, Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ | FOODIES WEST Restaurant Review
Sedona has always had a reputation for culture and art. This legendary heritage appeared in Hopi tradition as the home of some Hopi clans called Palatkwapi—the "Place of the Red Rocks." The area became a thriving cultural enter for Native Peoples all over the Southwest before the culture vanished. Diners looking for a close encounter with the culinary arts will find it at Che-Ah-Chi. The kitchen is full of artists that know how to cook legendary meals. Executive Chef David Schmidt has a way with food that combines trend with tradition and rustic with elegance. He also likes to keep an eye on the healthy side of dining, and he does this without infringing on flavors. And the plates come arranged Palatkwapi-style, meaning the ingredients get placed in such a harmonious manner, the arrangement can’t help but uplift a diner’s spirit. Chef de Cuisine Cord Chatham doesn’t waiver a bit from his boss’s talent. And no wonder. Chatham and Schmidt have worked together several times over the years. Chatham’s style leans towards fine dining. “I was always a draw-er,” Chatham said about his artistic talents. “From the time I was a little kid. My mom still has my pictures. I thought about getting into interior decorating. At my house, I’m the one who does the decorating. I just always had that eye.” It shows on every plate. More importantly, the flavors all work together seamlessly. “My style of cooking is to enjoy everything on the plate together,” Chatham explained. “In each bite.” The menu, Chatham revealed, lists the basic ingredients in each plate. But he likes to add elements of surprise to each one, impromptu additions that make every plate an original. “I believe dining should still be a surprise,” Chatham explained. “There should be some excitement. For me, it’s a big deal. I love to go out and be surprised. So I’ll just list the main ingredients, and then I’ll throw in what I want to.” “Throw in,” meaning, Palatkwapi-style. All of his plates have a beautiful assemblage.