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July 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 14                                                                                                                                           Scottsdale, Arizona

Amy Binkley

Chef de Cuisine
Richard Garcia

July 2015
Chef's Larder

Chef Roberto
Madrid's Kitchen

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Cool it with
Hibiscus Flowers
Wright's at the Biltmore:
Phoenix, Arizona

Q Tonic
Quinine Tonic Water
Herbs & Spices
by Jill Norman

Gary Spadafore
Certified Wine Educator



Foodies West Restaurant Revues, July 2015 — Café ZuZu, Scottsdale, Arizona - Know how some dishes haunt you? The ones that taste so good, they remain on the mind for days? Could be something you’ve eaten dozens of times, but the experience from “this one” persists. It usually takes a confident kitchen to pull off these experiences. One that operates on a combination of quality ingredients, classic flavor profiles, and masterful techniques. The type of stuff you expect to find going on in tonier joints, not hotel restaurants—except for Café ZuZu. The ZuZu kitchen, now coming up on 10 years old, just keeps humming along, confident as ever, turning out great food. How do they do it? “It’s mostly seasonal,” said Chef de Cuisine Richard Garcia, “using ingredients that we get from our local farmers. That’s how it starts. And then we kind of go from there. We want something approachable, but something that definitely sings when you eat it.” And they come up with a style of food that diners won’t find anywhere else. “We really try to stand alone on our menus,” Garcia said. “We,” meaning Executive Chef Charles Wiley, Executive Sous Chef Justin Pfeilsticker and Garcia. Three different personalities that just happen to work well together to come up with these tastes that, Garcia correctly described, “sing.”