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August 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 15


Chef Mel Mecinas

August 2014 Chef's Larder

Chef John Marcetti

Dining at the White House
by Chef John Moeller
w/Mike Lovell

Mugwort: Absinthe's
cousin loves your liver.

Sommelier Petra Polakovicova

Talavera Restaurant Revue

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Synopsis:  Executive Chef Brian Widmer, Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge, Arizona

Brian Widmer grew up in a family that was “really big on huge gardens.” The family would plant Memorial Day weekend at his grandparents’ house and be harvesting, canning and freezing by Labor Day weekend. His mom, who he describes as “a really great cook,” made bread and froze it. And his grandparents owned a dairy farm. He got his associate’s degree at Johnston & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. During that time, he worked at the Pawtucky Country Club to hone what he learned in school. He ended up in the Grand Canyon. He spent 10 years working at Phantom Ranch; he managed the kitchen. I the Bay Area, he became an at-home dad during the week and catered on the weekends. He worked for Paula LaDuc Fine Catering, Hugh Groman Catering and Back to Earth. “The catering in the San Francisco area is varied. We were doing 2,700 covers for Paula LaDuc to as small as a 15-person dinner party at someone’s house.”