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I'd say the attention to detail at this level
March 2016 Issue | Vol. 4, No. 5                                                       is pretty phenomenal.




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Brandon Gauthier, Chef de Cuisine, Binkley's Restaurant Group, Cave Creek, Phoenix,and Scottsdale, Arizona Laurence Peter, who developed the Peter Principle—admittedly not a concept generally acknowledged successful kitchens—claimed, The seaman tells stories of winds, the ploughman of bulls, the soldier details his wounds, the shepherd his sheep. And chefs the stature of Brandon Gauthier? They detail the details. “In a broad sense,” Gauthier said, “I’d say the attention to detail at this level is pretty phenomenal.” Binkley’s, owned by Gauthier’s mentor, Beard-nominated Kevin Binkley, rates as one of the Phoenix area’s most exquisite dining destinations. At times, the kitchen runs almost 24 hours a day. A pastry person often comes in at 5 AM until noon. Gauthier usually arrives at 9 AM. The last person leaves at night between 2 and 3 AM. “For a restaurant that doesn’t serve breakfast or lunch,” Gauthier said, “that’s a lot of time for just providing dinner service. You have to hit the ground running and run until you leave. There is no down time, and there are no breaks.” Just a lot of details. The kind of minutiae that Harriet Beecher Stowe declared makes people who excel at it “worthy of canonization.” Gauthier still remembers the first time he experienced this level of detail. He did a stage at Chicago’s world-class three-star Michelin restaurant, Alinea, the year it opened. “Kevin knew Grant [Achatz],” Gauthier explained why he chose Alinea. “Kevin and Grant worked together at The French Laundry. When Alinea opened, it definitely was very cutting edge, so I wanted to check that out. It’s a very different style than what we’ve ever done here. “The attention to detail and the things they were doing there were mind-blowing,” Gauthier continued. “They were doing microwave stuff, which at that time, 10 years ago, was really different. There was just a lot to see and learn.” In the midst of all the innovative techniques and artful presentations that cost enough to cause a wallet to wilt, the one experience that sticks out in Gautheir’s mind that he brought back with him involved attention to details.