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June 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 12                                                                                                                                       Cave Creek, Arizona

Amy Binkley

Chef de Cuisine
Richard Garcia

June 2015
Chef's Larder

Chef Roberto
Madrid's Kitchen

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Cool it with
Hibiscus Flowers

Toro Latin Restaurant:
Scottsdale, Arizona

Leblon Cachaça:
featuring Steve Luttmann
Herbs & Spices
by Jill Norman

Q Tonic
Quinine Tonic Water



Foodies West Restaurant Revues, June 2015 — Binkley's Restaurant, Cave Creek, Arizona - “This is going to disappear,” the waiter, polished but personable, said as he served yet one more amuse-bouche at the end of a six-course meal. Another waiter, seamless as background music, created an apple-scented cloud for the table’s “olfactory pleasure.” The amuse-bouche’s disappearing act came by way of a key lime froth frozen with liquid nitrogen created in a kitchen that uses beakers, test tubes, and lab rotators along with the normal pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Things that would make a molecular gastronomy aficionado salivate. But diners don’t have to have an avant-garde or bust attitude toward dining at Binkley’s Restaurant. They only need a penchant for good food and a sense of adventure (and sometimes humor) to enjoy a dining experience best described by owner/chef Kevin Binkley as, “very different than anything you’ve probably ever had before.” “You can tell by the ingredients in each plate on the menu,” Binkley said, referring to the top tier, often uncommon, foods. “We try not to replicate any ingredients so that every bite you have is something new and fresh and exciting.” But there’s more. “There’s also the amuse-bouche and surprises around each corner,” Binkley added. “There are a lot of different courses and a lot of different things that you don’t chose.” “That’s the exciting part,” Binkley said. “It’s like, Whoa, what’s this? We didn’t order this. So we took that to a whole new level.” About the wine pairings. The food-friendly wines Amy Binkley has chosen have the same distinctiveness as the food. “I choose wines that aren’t readily available,” Amy Binkley said. “No labels you’ll find at the grocery store or Total Wine.”