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Navajo Pride Flour
Honey Pacifica
Monterey Farms Artihearts
Arizona Honey Market 
  April 2014 Issue / Vol. 2,  No. 8                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Michelin 2-star Chef
Ken Takayama

Chef Anthony Spinella

Gordon Watkins


Savannah & the Iron Chef

Savannah Shops Town & Country Farmers Market

Upslope Brewing Company

KAI Restaurant Revue

Chef Ryan Clark:
Modern Southwest
Cooking Book Review

The Country Cure-all in the Chef's Kitchen

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Synopsis: Foodies West Chef’s Larder: Navajo Pride non-GMO Flour, Farmington, New Mexico -  The flour, bleached or unbleached, has a 10- to 12-percent protein content and an intermediate gluten level. It carries a Kosher certification and is non-GMO. Honey Pacifica Cold PackedTM raw honey, Santa Monica, California - “I have 500 to 600 hives of honeybees that pollinate some very unique areas,” John Poto said, “such as Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, Great Park in Irvine, and coastal wildflowers you can’t find anywhere else. I can give people something that tastes different and has the trace minerals, pollen, and wax.” Monterey Farms Artihearts, Monterey, California – Chef Jane MacDonald knows the artichoke is a tedious process to take down to the heart. Artichokes for Artihearts get weighed, trimmed, batched, bathed (in fresh garlic, lemon, and sea salt), vacuumed packed, and ready to go in 24 hours from being harvested. Arizona Honey Market, Scottsdale, AZ - “I don’t feed the bees, and I don’t medicate them,” Arizona beekeeper, Mark Fratu, said. “Most other honeys, they all taste alike because they feed their bees corn syrup. The amendments will change the taste of the honey.” Fratu thinks he has the best tasting honey in the area, and local rank-meisters agree by including him among their best-of lists. The rest of the nation seems to be catching on.