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Pastry Chef Amanda Taylor, Ritz-Carlton Dove Moutain, AZ
What does elementary education and running a professional kitchen have in common? Amanda Taylor, who has worked in Ritz-Carlton’ Dove Mountain’s pastry kitchen for the last five and half years, thinks “a lot.” Taylor Taylor originally attended college for elementary education. “I think there are a lot of things that as a teacher of second graders that I’ve applied towards the kitchen,” Taylor said. “Even though I started as an elementary educator and now I am in the pastry field, I think there is a lot in common.” Such as? “Time management,” Taylor went down the list. Teachers have to manage the time they spend on a lesson and make sure the group gets it. In the kitchen, Taylor has to make sure the employee is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and on time. “We have food being sent on time to a banquet,” Taylor gave an example. “The time management was a huge one.” Behavioral management, an aspect of teaching, also fits in the kitchen. In Taylor’s case, it’s knowing and respecting the individual in the kitchen and what it takes to convey the message. “I think that was most interesting,” Taylor said. “Everyone uses different styles of learning. Some people learn from doing something. If I show them how to do it, and they don’t seem to be catching, on there are different ways to reach them. Someone might need a really detailed list of instructions to get them through their day. Someone who is more experienced won’t need so much detail.” Taylor made the switch from aspiring second-grade teacher to future pastry chef, she said, about a month after graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She went to Cordon Bleu and got her certificate. She likes school. “I do,” Taylor affirmed. “I just love learning something new. In the kitchen I learned something new almost every day. It’s awesome. Part of the job were doing here is something different every day and keeps me going and satisfied. I think being able to be creative and working with my hands making desserts and making everybody happy is what I really wanted to be doing all along.”