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January 2016 Issue / Vol. 4, No. 2                                                                               Wine & Cheese Educator / Author


Michelin-rated Chef
Andrew Cain

Olympian Pastry Chef Chris Cwierz

Chef Amy Binkley's
PHX Community Garden

Sonoma Cider:
Hand Crafted,
Certified Organic

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Mr. Espresso: Wood Roasted Coffee Since 1978

District American
 Kitchen  - 2016

Phoenix, Arizona

What's all the hoopla with Mary Berry?

How it all started



Adam Centamore, Wine & Cheese Educator | Author of Tasting Wine & Cheese, An Insider's Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing Fun doesn’t necessarily come to the forefront when thinking of the cerebral city of Boston. But that’s what Adam Centamore has when he teaches people how to pair wine and cheese. His interactive workshop has remained one of Boston Wine School’s most popular classes—ever. “For some reason,” Centamore cracked, “lots of people enjoy eating great cheese and drinking delicious wines. Go figure.” Good pairings, according to Centamore, aren’t elusive. They come with insights—that he just happens to have from a decade of professional pairing—into wine, cheese, and the things that tie them together: correct condiments.