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May 2015 Issue / Vol. 3, No. 10                                                                                                                                                                       
The movie.

Kevin Binkley

Executive Chef 
Umit Kaygusuz

May 2015
Chef's Larder

Grand Poppy Liqueur:
Message in a bottle.

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Squash Blossoms:
Floral flophouses?

The Dining Room

Sarah Beth Spear
Rum Princesa

Yogurt by Janet Fletcher



A YEAR IN CHAMPAGNE – A film by David Kennard featuring Martine Saunier It’s June 2012, and the most northerly grape-growing region in France, Champagne, has not seen the sun for three months. The soil, a mix of chalk and sea shells under a layer of top soil and minerals, is sodden with pools of water. In a business full of vintners who, they say, can’t be too serious because their wine is made for celebrating and telling jokes, the prospects for a decent harvest looked dismal. The Year of All Fears saw cold, clouds, bugs, mildew, more cold and more clouds. But even the weather can’t be taken too seriously in Champagne. A reprieve of sunny, dry and windy days at summer’s end saved the vintage. Since, as Champagne makers say, August makes the wine, that year’s Champagne harvest, small but sensational, had an unusual concentration of sugar and acid. The best in years. As much fun as Champagne makers like to have, they also have their work cut out for themselves. A Year In Champagne takes a look what it takes to make the world’s most intriguing libation. It’s a place on the planet like no other, where even the main players admit Champagne is more than wine, it’s magic. They gush that It makes women lovelier and men wittier. And making it, one vintner admitted, is called a virus. And besides, how do all those little bubbles happen?