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David Perkins on High West's newest seasonal swigger.
There's a lot of room for innovation here in American whiskey.
October 2014 Issue / Vol. 2, No. 19  

Executive Chef
Michael O'Dowd

Forbes 5-Star/AAA 5-Diamond

October 2014
Chef's Larder

Executive Chef
John Wooters

Executive Chef
David Schmidt

Licorice Root:
The Chef's New Trend

Daylight Farms
Half Moon Bay, CA

Moonshine Nation
by Mark Spivak

Che-Ah-Chi: Sedona, AZ

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Synopsis: FOODIES WEST - Midwinter Night's Dram rye whiskey created by High West Distillery, Park City, Utah. A conversation with High West founder, David Perkins

“What we did, is we took our Rendezvous Rye, which is a blend of two different whiskeys and ryes. It’s very spicy. We put that Rendezvous Rye in port barrels. We’re not adding anything to it, but, of course, when you put something in a port barrel, it’s going to add what was in that port barrel. And the port wine has a deep cherry-dried raisins taste. Just this nice thing of fruit to complement the rye spice. And we put the other half in a French oak barrel. “So that’s the gig,” Perkins continued. “Nothing more than that. Very unusual here, but it’s typical in Scotland where they put their scotches in wine barrels. They’ve been doing that for about 20 years. It’s new for us in the States. So it was kind of fun to be one of the first to offer it in the States.”